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GBWHS 2017 Election

GBWHS members cast 47 ballots in 2017 to elect three (3) Directors for three-year terms. The vote totals were presented at the Annual Meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on April 29, 2017. The results are as follows:

Steve Koth (incumbent): 47 votes (elected)
Bob Schoneman (incumbent): 46 votes (elected)
Bob Wandel (incumbent): 46 votes (elected)

The write-in votes were:
Ken Frost: 1 vote
Jim Tuxhorn: 1 vote

At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting, the new Board of Directors convened a meeting with six Directors present (Tyler Aldrich, Bill Christopher, Steve Koth, Mark Mathu, Larry Misiewicz and Robert Schoneman) and elected the following directors to the offices indicated.

President: Larry Misiewicz (retaining this office)
Vice-President: Robert Welke (retaining this office)
Secretary: Robert Schoneman (retaining this office)
Treasurer: Robert Wandel, Jr. (retaining this office)

The next election will be held in early 2018 and will conclude at the Annual Meeting in Green Bay. Members will elect three people for three-year terms to fill the Board of Director seats currently held by Tyler Aldrich, Mark Mathu and Ross Rossier. Ballots and information on this election will be mailed to all eligible GBWHS members one month prior to the election. Information will be posted on this web page as it becomes available.

Future Elections

If you are a GBWHS member and are interested in running for Director, please contact Bill Christopher at, or any of the current Directors. To be eligible to run, you only need to be a current member of the GBWHS (that means your dues are paid up to date). However, we are looking for candidates who want to take a leadership role in helping the GBWHS achieve its goals. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply. We thank you for your participation and your efforts to help build a better Green Bay & Western Historical Society.

Click here to see past election results

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