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Switch List ads are free to GBWHS members for private party use, with up to four consecutive insertions. For non-members, dealers and manufacturers, first 15 words are $4.00, and each additional word is 15 cents. Name and address are free. Photos may be included for $10 per photo per issue for members, non-members, dealers and manufacturers. Contact for photo formats and requirements. Copy deadline is the first day of February (for the March issue), May (June issue), August (September issue), and November (December issue). The Advertising Manager reserves the right to edit all copy submitted and to refuse ads deemed not in the best interest of the GBWHS.

Please submit only e-mail, printed or typed copy. GBWHS members may send copy to Advertising Manager Larry Misiewicz at You may also send copy along with full remittance (if required), check or money order only (do not send cash), payable to GBWHS, to Larry Misiewicz, GBWHS, P.O. Box 940, Plover, WI 54467.

Looking for anybody modelling the carferries in order to share ideas, knowledge and expertise. Please contact Joel Norman at (V6N3)

FOR SALE: Atlas Classic RS-11 ALCO Demo #DL701A, 4 hours run time, excellent shape, $80 OBO. Contact Ross W. Rossier at or 715-344-8375 after 7:00 pm. (V6N4)

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