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GBW Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers is a forum for information about the GBW that seeks to leverage the great wealth of GBW knowledge within the GBWHS. If you have a question about anything pertaining to the Green Bay & Western, send it to We will research our archives and ask GBW employees and other GBW experts to find the answer. If we can't find the answer, we will post the question here and in our magazine to reach a wider audience and hopefully find somebody who knows the answer.

8. Wyes at Kewaunee and Casco Junction

Richard Kosterman asks:

When were the wyes removed at Kewaunee and Casco Junction?

Dan Luedke answers:

The east part of the wye at Kewaunee connecting the main line to the downtown track was taken out in the early 70’s, probably 1971-72. It definitely was gone by 1974.

Andy Laurent answers:

The wye at Casco Junction was built in summer 1947 as part of the sale agreement with Vernon Bushman when he bought the Ahnapee & Western from the GBW. It was removed before 1971; I would guess maybe in the early 60s. It was still in place in 1958 when a joint facility agreement between GBW and A&W was executed.

9. O scale decals

Mike Crocker asks:

I’m British but I live in Portugal. I have been modeling US railroads for many years now. I am having the devil’s own job of finding any O scale decals for either GBW or E&LS. Everybody seems to have stopped producing these decals. I wonder if anyone might be able to sell me some.

Can any readers help Mr. Crocker?

10. Paint match for solid red scheme

Jeremy Harris asks:

I have been asked to do a GBW RS2 in the solid red scheme. What shade of red was used on these units?

Mark Mathu answers:

I use Badger Modelflex paint so I experimented with their colors. My concern was as much to match the color of Atlas’ HO scale locomotives as it was to get a true match of GB&W paint, since my models would have to run alongside Atlas locos.

I compared Caboose Red, Santa Fe Red, and Soo Line Red. The best match, in my opinion, was 50%-50% mix of Santa Fe and Soo Line Red, while the best “straight out of the bottle” color was Soo Line Red. I’ve since had Enginehouse Services in Green Bay paint an RS-27 for me and I’m happy with their job. I found that they also used the 50%-50% mix. Hats off to Paul Pasowicz from Enginehouse Services for a good paint match.

However, the 100% Soo Line Red is very similar, and doesn’t involve mixing paint. If I were painting a fleet from scratch and wasn’t worried about matching the paint on any other pre-painted locos, from the three colors I compared I think I would go with Soo Line Red and call it a day.

Of course, what might be considered a “proper” GBW color is a subjective term. Jerry Pyfer used Floquil SP Scarlet in his article “Painting Green Bay & Western’s Famed Alcos” in Prototype Modeler magazine, May / June 1989.

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